I found a great new life drawing studio. It’s in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The name of the joint is Shoestring studio. It’s filled with great artists. Many of them from my now defunct Spring Street studio.


Hyper Sketching

Hyper urban sketching. When I draw on the street, I possess an extra chromosome that allows me to see extra details.



The figure drawing model who looks like a Modigliani painting.



After the closing of my beloved life drawing studio, I’ve been going to other studios that have much shorter poses. As a result I’ve had to alter my drawing style. In order to draw fast, I’ve gone to speed sketching with a few different colored pencils style.


Who Are You

I did this drawing at The Met in nyc. They have a show of original rock and roll instruments. The guitars of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Ringo Starr’s drumkit, and Lady Gaga’s piano. It’s quite an impressive display. I managed to find a place to hide, which wasn’t easy, in order to draw Keith Moon’s drums. You are not allowed to draw with ink at The Met so I did this with colored pencils.


Home Stretch

I still have a few last drawings from the Spring Street Drawing Studio that closed. So there will be a couple of more to post.