Country Music

I recently watched Ken Burn’s, history of Country Music. In fact, I watched it twice. In between laughing and crying at the amazing stories, I was completely riveted by the music and lyrics. And Dolly Parton is a national treasure. A must see.


Mini Stickers

Sticker swaps make a beautiful little size sticker of my squirrel logo.



My drawing of the very first iPod.



I recently attended an anatomy drawing workshop by artist, @willwestonstudio. He’s a teacher at Art Center in California. If anyone went to art school on the west coast, you’d know who this idiot savant is. He taught a 3 month course condensed into 5 hours. It was a lot for my tiny brain to take in. I sketched him while he rambled on about the aurora borealis muscle connecting to the Constantinople bone. He’s one of these Kim Jung Gi guy’s who makes perfect anatomical drawings without looking at any reference. It just pores endlessly out of his head. I did one of my Mad magazine drawings of him which would have gotten me an F if I was a college student in his class. I completely screwed up my funny bone connecting to the onomatopoeia bone



Boxers, boxes, and briefs. I often draw unusual things.


The Vegans Are Coming

A New York Times article stated that a recent survey found that “vegans are viewed more negatively than atheists and immigrants, and are only slightly more tolerated than drug addicts.”
I say, “can’t we all just get along.”



I was going to teach a class titled, “How To Draw A Cat Wearing An Astronaut Suit Whose Limbs Turn Into Mangrove Roots While A School Of Goldfish Swim Behind It.” The problem was, only 2 people signed up. It turns out those people were Banksy and Cindy Sherman. I would have taught the class anyway except Cindy wanted to attend dressed up as a bag lady and Bansky insisted on doing it through Skype wearing a Princess Leia Halloween mask to conceal his identity. It was a bit too much so I cancelled the class. Here is the demo I had done in advance.