Old dude amongst the hipsters at life drawing in Bushwick, Brooklyn.



Another example of me showing off in a figure drawing class by jamming as much as I can onto 2 pages of my sketchbook.


Reason To Be Vegan

Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 75% of Amazon destruction. Yet one more reason to go vegan.



A lot of people ask me what colored pens I use in my figure drawing class sketches. The answers, Muji pens. The Japanese store Muji has a great line of colored pens in different point sizes.


Multiple Models

My new thing in figure drawing class is to work several models onto the same page. I have many pages going at once over several weeks. When we get a new model for a class, I go back to an older page and draw the new person in over parts of an older drawing of a different model. It’s a way to keep me from boring myself.


Turtle Stew

Annually, 250,000 sea turtles are accidentally captured, injured or killed by U.S. fisherman.One of the many reasons I went vegan 3 and a half years ago.



I’m pushing to make sketching an extreme sport for the 2020 X Games.

Figure Drawing

I blaze my own trail in figure drawing class. The other classic artists in the class look at me funny when they look through my sketchbook. They’ve stopped asking me why I do some of the things I do. they now know I’m a bit bent.


Chock Full Of Hands

In figure drawing class, I am a sprinter. When everyone begins sketching, I am already practically done. Nowdays I even surprise myself, so I have to draw other things in the room to fill up the time. Lately it is hands. I move to many different angles capturing hands of the model and the people drawing. My sketchbook is now chock full of them.


Elephant Spray

I was recently in Washington DC so I drew the elephant at the Museum of Natural History. A week later I was in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens drawing the flowers. Over time, I kept adding wacking stuff to my sketch little by little. At some point, I had to tell myself to stop.


Vegan art

May is, No Meat Month. It’s the perfect occasion to see what it’s like to give up meat for a month. Why not try it and make the world happier. This drawing is the first collaboration I’ve ever done. One of my favorite artists, John Casey, does this show each year where he supplies various artists with a line drawing of a hand and a blank pair of pants. Then you have to make it into a work of art. This is my final piece which is very much a tribute to going vegan. You can visit the website that features the art that the other artists involved came up with.