A model wore a fez as a prop at a life drawing class. That’s a hat for those not in the know.


Pig Roast

Around 40 pigs are slaughtered every second globally. That's a total of over 1 billion pigs killed each year.


Another Redhead

Because I’ve been attending so many life drawing classes, I built a huge arsenal of these kinds of sketches. Unfortunately you’ll have to suffer through many more posts of this stuff.



I finally figured out what to do with my orange Muji pen.


Speed Sketching

This is the drawing I did while speeding around Brooklyn on my drawing, camping stool. It’s my high speed sketch while practicing for the X Games extreme drawing event.


Sock Fetish

Sketching bare ass naked dudes is part of what I do at life drawing class. At least one guy wore socks. Must be some kind of fetish.


The Eyes Have It

Sometimes I can’t explain what comes out onto my page. My tiny brain has a mind of its own. 


Two Models

Two models, same angle at the life drawing class I attend. This all happens in the grooviest up and coming neighborhood in NYC: East Chinatown.