The Eyes Have It

Sometimes I can’t explain what comes out onto my page. My tiny brain has a mind of its own. 


Two Models

Two models, same angle at the life drawing class I attend. This all happens in the grooviest up and coming neighborhood in NYC: East Chinatown.



Old dude amongst the hipsters at life drawing in Bushwick, Brooklyn.



Another example of me showing off in a figure drawing class by jamming as much as I can onto 2 pages of my sketchbook.


Reason To Be Vegan

Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 75% of Amazon destruction. Yet one more reason to go vegan.



A lot of people ask me what colored pens I use in my figure drawing class sketches. The answers, Muji pens. The Japanese store Muji has a great line of colored pens in different point sizes.


Multiple Models

My new thing in figure drawing class is to work several models onto the same page. I have many pages going at once over several weeks. When we get a new model for a class, I go back to an older page and draw the new person in over parts of an older drawing of a different model. It’s a way to keep me from boring myself.


Turtle Stew

Annually, 250,000 sea turtles are accidentally captured, injured or killed by U.S. fisherman.One of the many reasons I went vegan 3 and a half years ago.



I’m pushing to make sketching an extreme sport for the 2020 X Games.

Figure Drawing

I blaze my own trail in figure drawing class. The other classic artists in the class look at me funny when they look through my sketchbook. They’ve stopped asking me why I do some of the things I do. they now know I’m a bit bent.


Chock Full Of Hands

In figure drawing class, I am a sprinter. When everyone begins sketching, I am already practically done. Nowdays I even surprise myself, so I have to draw other things in the room to fill up the time. Lately it is hands. I move to many different angles capturing hands of the model and the people drawing. My sketchbook is now chock full of them.