Art Directors Who Draw

In all my years in advertising, I very rarely met anyone who could draw. The ad world is full of people who went to art school, yet they didn’t teach them the simplest skill, sketching. Recently 2 creative directors I worked with have been coming with me to my figure drawing classes. Steve Pedonis and Keith Butters have been improving in leaps and bounds. the biggest thing though is that they have become addicted to drawing. On days they have freelance work and cannot attend class, they get depressed. I understand that illness. I took them on our first excursion to the Museum of Natural History. This is what I did.


Supreme Skateboarder

This is a photograph taken of me when I was 17 years old. I could skateboard like a mother. My collection of tricks was quite something. I could famously stack 3 skateboards, one on top of the other and then do a handstand on them while going what seemed like 50 miles an hour. I would run bent over, holding the top skateboard, while pushing down to keep the 3 together while moving at a good clip. Then I would just push up into a handstand while moving and it worked every time. I was fearless. I wish to god I had a video of me doing that. There are many eye witnesses who can vouch for me having done it. For those with any skateboard knowledge, that is an original Gordon & Smith deck with some of the very first polyurethane wheels ever made.


Drawing Below The Belt

You have to admit, it is a bit weird to be sitting in a room while one person is completely naked. I do have to say, I admire these models who come and do it. They have courage. Some are actors who do it for extra money. I was finished sketching this guy and had more time to draw, so I started to draw the artists who were sketching him. I didn’t have much room on the page, so when I drew them it looks like they are sitting one foot from his johnson, which wasn’t the case at all. When everyone saw my finished sketch, it made them laugh. I’m a bit of a deviant though.


Folding Chairs

Figure drawing is all about folding chairs. Every place I go has different variations of every folding chair ever sold. From cheap, falling apart plastic to ancient 20 pound metal ones. The trick is to grab a good one to sit on. The nude model uses one too. I end up drawing them too because they can be quite beautiful.


Deep Freeze

During one of the rare, cold winter days in New York, the model asked if she could leave her socks on. Then she went for the scarf too. It was a nice change from the usual.